The present issue of the Intermedia magazine was produced under the Kinema Ikon designer umbrella, with a mancalin brand sewing machine, on the dissecting table of the spectacular location of the Arad KF, within the context of some not at all random meetings, with very young creators of aesthetic objects, from the marginal family of alternative culture.
The above-mentioned meetings ended in contradictory and constructive discussion, starting from the user guide phrase, the object in focus being equally the contents / structure of an exhibition with the same theme as the magazine. I cannot predict how either the magazine, or the exhibition will be, but I was pleasantly surprised by the brainstorming effect which induced an at least novel modality, which can constitute a sort of brand for the two annual products, a sort of hybrid between an exhibition and a magazine, let’s call it exhizine.
That is, all the works of the authors were conceived thus, so that the one hundred pages of the magazine (20 / 20) could be “deployed” on a 20 meters length, on the KF display. I hurriedly add that the “author-work” phrase loses, at least partially, its acknowledged meaning, because the authorial propositions, presented under the form of stylistically personalized layers on the KF display, have undergone, during all the stages of production, provocative interventions coming from the other components of this collaborative work. Practically, we have an interactive approach during the producing of the work, an interaction to be continued at the level of the audience, who will have at its disposal a white strip, of the length of the work / 20 m./ as well as image-clips, charcoal and felt-point pencils, plus different other intervention instruments. To this adds the acoustic ambient, with experimental music, somehow discreetly modulated during the presentation of some in progress projects, by participants at the workshop.
There are few contributions of classic (sic) members of the group, so that most of the works are made by very young creators – Kinext – belonging to what they name, with an already tiresome obstinacy, the split generation.
About the characteristics of the generation I have already written in the kinema ikon Catalogue, in the previous issue of Intermedia, in the Secolul 21 magazine, and I think it is not the case of falling into the sin of redundancy, pointing just the essential data: they are living and creating in a different social and political context, they are free to circulate all the world round, they are benefiting from the new digital technologies and the telematic means of communications, creative freedom tout azimut, they have a different model of approaching reality, are eclectic, ironic and ludic to the utmost, they are practicing, without any complex, transcension of the genres and analogic-digital media, they are manifesting a special attraction for all alternative types of culture, which constitute also sources of inspiration for their acoustic-musical projects, which they present in cafés, clubs, bookshops and other unconventional spaces, under the form of DJ / VJ events, or interventions in the urban culture areas. Finally, to be superlatively appreciated, it is the fact that they do not fall victims to all sorts of left-wing militancy that haunt today the field of art, and that they are totally opaque to the boring curatorial pressure, undertaking on their own the project, the product, and its way of public representation – DIY...
All of these characteristics, synthetically presented, can be found in a peculiar form of expression in the “blockbuster” proposed by means of the magazine, exhibition, workshop and the DVD containing the interdisciplinary event organized by the MLR.
Why freestyle 2 and not a trendier thematic vector…
Because the very young artists in focus, beyond the qualities already listed, get into a veritable psychological block, doubled by mental allergy, just hearing of the theme-thematic binomial, especially when followed by the obligation of transmitting an extra-aesthetic message to a target audience, a. s. o. So, it happens that all “thematic” attempts have failed, and it would be a curatorial murder to impose on them such a injunction, just in order to register in the mainstream.
Free style – some other way than jerking style – presupposes getting free from conventional or just trendy clichés, but also eliminating all of the long-exhausted schemes, as well as “messages”, imposed by anything else than one’ s own authorial conscience.
Therefore: ludic as a main way of being freed by tiresome stereotypes, but also as an important means of creation, by detached resorting to the techniques of quoting, pastiche and paraphrase, empathetically focusing on subcultures of interest to them, and, last but not least, interactive intervention by means of which the stakes of the creative game are set even higher.
The authors of the work have proceeded according to the specific marks already specified, but with a stylistic variety accented enough to make difficult the articulation of the work as a unitary structure, to this helping the multimedia capacities offered by the digital system, but also the synaesthetic imagery of the group.
At the moment of finishing this text, some of the works were uncertain, so that the names of the authors will be found within the magazine and on the display of the KF exhibition, the list of the persons invited to the workshop included. // george sabau